集团管理的公司及民办非企近百家,划分为五大板块:学校板块持股 10 个实体学校,涵盖幼儿园,小学,初中,高中和职业教育,在校学生超 20000 人,办学业绩优异,均为地区一线名校。学谷板块下设拔萃菁英事业部,拔萃体育事业部和乐萃谷项目部。新2最新登录(中国)有限公司下设广东银泰事业群,银泰服务事业群和拔萃人力事业群。投资板块辖下机构是多家上市公司的基石投资者。慈善板块开展超两百个公益项目,累计捐献超 5000 万元。

  目前,集团员工超万人,业务覆盖 18 个国家,近 200 个城市。近三年,集团上交财税累计超 2 亿人民币。旗下拔萃科技(股票代码:YYB.SI)是顺德地区第一家新加坡证券交易所上市公司。


  Guangdong Best Group was established in real estate industry and has since been dedicated its passion to the field of education. After two decades of effort, it has transformed into a modern enterprise that puts education at the forefront and relies on real estate and finance as supporting operations.
  The Best Group manages dozens of companies divided into five sections:
  The School Section consists of 10 shareholding schools, ranging from kindergarten, primary schools, middle schools, high schools and vocational education. With a combined student population of over 20,000, these schools boast exceptional academic performance and are among the best in the area.
  The Study Valley Section consists of three departments, the BEST Elite Business Department, the Best Sports Business Department and the BEST GYM Project.
  The Service Section comprises the Guangdong Intellect Financial Business Unit, the Intellect Service Business Unit, the Foshan Shunde Best HR Business Unit.
  The organizations within the Investment Section act as the cornerstone investors in some listed companies.
  Finally, the Charity Section has carried out over 200 public welfare projects, and accumulated donations of more than 50 million yuan.
  At present, Guangdong Best Group has more than 10,000 employees and operates in 200 cities across 18 countries. Over the last 3 years, the Group had more than 2 hundred million RMB tax returns filing. Bacui Technologies International Ltd. (SGX:YYB.SI), a subsidiary of the Group, is the first company from Shunde to be listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.